fire prevention technical standards for communal activities

Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.52 (March 3 2017) was published on February 21 2017 Decree 'Approval of technical standards for fire prevention for the garage' activities.
The Decree introduced the Rule Technology Vertical laying down the fire prevention standards for communal activities with area exceeding 300m2.
The engineering rules apply to communal activities total area covered more than 300 m² in Annex I of the DPR 151 / 2011 (n.75 activities), existing at the date of entry into force of DM 21 / 2 / 2017, or for those of new construction. You may apply to these activities as an alternative to fire-prevention techniques specific rules contained in the Decree of the Minister of 1 February 1986, and Decree of the Minister of November 22 2002.

The full text is available at the following link.

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