New Sabatini - Interconnection and Integration Expenses

At the end of July, the Ministry of Economic Development published the Circular Dir. 95925 'New Sabatini - Integrations to Circular n. 14036 15 February 2017 - Extending the Terms for Completing Material Investments in Digital Technologies'.
The Circular provides additions to the Circular Dir. 14036 / 2017 (s) laying down the terms and conditions for submitting applications for the granting and disbursement of contributions and loans for the purchase of new machinery, plant and equipment by small and medium-sized enterprises.
These integrations refer to the terms for supporting "interconnection" and "integration" costs in the case of requests for support for material investments in digital technologies listed in the first section entitled "Instrumental assets whose operation is controlled by computer systems or managed by appropriate sensors and actuators "of Annex 6 / A to the aforementioned Circular Dir. 1403672017.
Expenses for interconnection and integration may also be incurred after the deadline provided by the Circular Dir. 14036 / 2017 (12 months) provided that by the date of the submission of the first contribution fee.
Interconnection and integration costs incurred after the deadline will not be eligible for the grant; however, the same interconnection and integration costs will be eligible if supported within the deadline.
The Circular Director no. 95925 / 2017 can be consulted at the following link.

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