New tariffs for accident insurance and occupational diseases - 27 Decree February 2019

On the institutional website of the Ministry of Labor, in the legal advertising section, the interministerial decree 27 February 2019 was published, which contains the new tariffs for insurance against accidents and occupational diseases.
The decree, in implementation of the finance law for the 2014 and the one for the 2019, updates the tariffs in consideration of the most recent accident trend and the new services insured by INAIL.
More in detail, the Institute has reviewed the working nomenclature, the rates and the methods for applying the tariff.
The changes in the nomenclator concern, for example, the identification of new processes or new production processes, the elimination of entries that no longer exist or the unification of non-significant processes.

The national average rates have been revised in relation to the accident trend of the three-year reference period (2013-2015) and are more in line with the real data (they also show decimals).
The oscillation system has been completely changed, the insurance mechanism that makes it possible to adjust the rate identified to the national level in melius or pejus with respect to the accident trend and the commitment of the individual company.
The updating of the tariffs allows a generalized reduction in rates of around 32% compared to the average rates of the 2000, while the fluctuation appears to be less favorable than in the past.
During the second half of March, the companies received the 2019SM model from INAIL, which allows the determination of the insurance premium for the 20. From the reading of the document they were therefore able to detect the impact of the new tariff.
By the 16 May they will have to settle the 2018 award and pay the advance for the 2019: the tariff application methods, which are an integral part of the decree in question, describe the procedures for compliance.

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