New decree on White Certificates / Securities Energy Efficiency

After a long process, it started in the summer of 2015, was finally published the new decree "Determination of quantitative national energy savings targets to be pursued by the electricity distribution companies and gas for the years 2017 to 2020 and for the approval of new guidelines for the preparation, execution and evaluation of energy efficiency projects. "regulating the white / white certificates certificates mechanism and determine the energy-saving targets for the four-2017 2020.

The text of the decree is available at following link.

The revision of the white certificates mechanism of the European directive 2012 / 27 / EC "Energy Efficiency Directive" where Article 7, calling upon Member States to adopt a compulsory mechanism for support to the interventions of energy efficiently.
The Directive was implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree no. 102 / 14, where the CB mechanism is indicated in Article 7 as preferred for obligations under the directive and on which the aim is to get at least 60% of the target national energy savings to 2020.

Numerous differences between new and old rules (set out in resolution EEN dell'AEEGSI 9 / 11):
• Abolition of the analytical method, and remain the final standardized methods, called "ex post projects - PC" and standardized designs - PS ";
• Abolition of the "tau" durability coefficient which timely anticipated cash flows compared to the actual energy savings achieved: now the technical life returns to coincide with the useful life of the intervention, limited to a maximum of ten years;
• They are revised interventions that can efficiently access the mechanism (in the annex is published a first list);
• It revised the concept of baseline with which to evaluate the energy savings;
• Access to the mechanism is provided by entering into a "contract" with the GSE, (to be published within thirty days of the Decree);
• It reduces the minimum size of projects: 5 Tep / year for PS and 10 Tep / year for the PC;
• They are reduced to four types of CB / TEE (Type I, II, III, IV);
• The practices of the costs of access to the mechanism (DM 24dic14) are now all assimilated to those envisaged for the PPPM and RVC

The next stages of the revision of the mechanism include:
• publication of the contract within thirty days of publication of DM (Article 5, c.3);
• emission within sixty days by ENEA-RSE of an operational guide (art. 15, c.1 as already done for the previous CB / TEE versions);
• The old guidelines still apply to projects for six months from April 4 have reached the minimum design threshold (Art. 16, c.1)

It remains, finally, the question of Data sheets: probably older cards you can still apply for six months to projects that have reached the minimum size, the cards for new interventions, not in the DM January 11 2017, however, must be issued.

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