Fire Prevention - Extension of tourist-hotel accommodation activities

With the Law n. 205 of 27 December 2017 'Budget Law 2018' (GURI n.302 of 29 December us) has been arranged (paragraph 1122) the extension to 30 June 2019 for the completion of the adaptation to the provisions of fire prevention for tourist accommodation activities - hotelier with over 25 beds, existing on the date of entry into force of the decree of the Minister of the Interior 9 April 1994 (GURI No. 95 of 26 April 1994) and in possession of the requirements for admission to the extraordinary plan for firefighting , approved by decree of the Minister of the Interior 16 March 2012 (GURI No. 76 of 30 March 2012).

This prior presentation to the competent Provincial Command VVF - within 1º December 2018 - of the partial SCIA, certifying compliance with at least four of the requirements (as governed by the specific technical rules):
fire resistance of the structures;
fire reaction of materials;
lifts and hoists;
fire-fighting water systems;
exit routes for exclusive use, with the exclusion of the points where the reaction to fire of the materials is expected;
exit routes for mixed use, with the exclusion of the points where the fire reaction of the materials is expected;
premises used for storage.

The following link the text of the 2018 Budget Law can be consulted.

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