Revision of the 2000 / 14 / CE OND Directive - Preparatory Study of the Commission

The European Commission has made available the preparatory documents concerning the possible revision of the 2000 / 14 / CE Directive on the acoustic emissions of machinery and equipment designed to operate outdoors

The documents discussed at the last meeting of the Noise Expert Group are as follows:
• The evaluation final report
• The impact assessment final report

The main elements of the preparatory documents are:
• Impact assessment found that maintaining legislation in its current form (basic option) would result in a gradual reduction of the benefits of theOND.
• The possibility of repealing the directive does not appear to be one of the preferred options, due to the potential increase in national regulations, which could lead to a new introduction of trade barriers.
• The most significant benefit of aligning the directive with the new legislative framework would be the introduction of improvements to market surveillance.
• No significant increase in costs is foreseen for economic operators that comply with the provisions of the current Directive
• A complete revision of the directive, including the revision of noise limits and scope, would have a net monetary gain in terms of environmental impact, exceeding the additional costs for the industry.
• Switching to a self-assessment system would reduce compliance costs for manufacturers, but not substantially.

Commission documents are available for Soul Members (
The subject of the revision of the OND Directive will be the subject of further updates by the ANIMA Technical Area

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