Review of the EPBD Directive - Approved the text by the European Parliament

On April 17 the European Parliament adopted, in plenary session, the revision text of the EPBD Directive 2010 / 31 / CE on Energy Efficiency of Buildings.

The text reflects the compromise agreement reached on 19 December 2017 with the European Council and Commission, and was approved with 546 favorable votes, 35 against and 96 abstentions.

This Directive is the first of the eight legislative proposals contained in the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package launched in November 2016 to be approved by Parliament at first reading.

In detail in the Directive:

the goal is to build near-zero public and private buildings within 2050.

Member States are required to develop long-term national strategies to support the efficient restructuring of public and private buildings, with the aim of reducing emissions in the EU of 80-85% compared to the levels of 1990 with intermediate milestones for the 2030 and the 2040.

measurable indicators are created to monitor the implementation of national strategies.

we introduce requirements on electric mobility for new buildings and for those under renovation, which require the presence of at least one charging point for electric vehicles in buildings where there will be more than ten parking spaces. It will also be necessary to install wiring infrastructure for charging electric vehicles in new residential buildings and in those undergoing major renovations.

we introduce an "indicator of intelligence" (which the European Commission will have to develop by the end of the 2019) an instrument that measures the ability of buildings to improve their operation and interaction with the network, adapting energy consumption to the real needs of the inhabitants .

it is foreseen both for the new buildings and for the existing ones where the heat generators will be replaced, the equipment of automated devices to regulate the temperature levels, while the rules on the inspection of the heating and air conditioning systems and on the automation will be tightened up. of buildings.

Once formally approved by the Council, the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive will be published in the Official Journal of the EU and will enter into force 20 days after publication. The deadline for transposing these new rules into national legislation is 20 months.

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