Review 10 DM March 1998

During the last meeting of the Central Scientific Technical Committee (the collegiate body that, within the National Fire Brigade, has the primary task of developing and updating the fire prevention regulations and expressing opinions on issues and problems in this sector) was presented the draft revision of DM 10 March 1998 'General criteria for fire safety and for emergency management in the workplace'.

The draft decree revises and updates the criteria for the assessment of fire risks in the workplace and indicates the measures of prevention and fire protection to be adopted, in order to reduce the onset of a fire and limit the consequences if it occur.

Currently this document is in a phase of "public inquiry" and it is possible to submit comments / comments.

The draft revision and the template for comments can be downloaded from cloud SOUL.

The comments / comments, inserted in the template, must be sent, within Friday September 7, to the email address:

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