Health and Safety in the Workplace - The European Directive on the subject of Carcinogens / Mutagens has been amended

27 December 2017 published the 2017 / 2398 Directive (EU) on the protection of workers against risks arising from exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work.
The Directive (EU) 2017 / 2398 (Official Journal of the European Union of 27 December 2017 L345 / 92) modifies the current 2004 / 37 / CE Directive on the subject, introducing changes to both the article and some annexes. The Directive will enter into force on the twentieth day following its publication in GUCE and Member States will have to transpose it by January 17 2020.
The directive, proposed in May 2016 of the European Commission, is part of a broader analysis and review, which the Commission has launched and intends to complete in the next two years, not only in terms of carcinogens / mutagens (currently it is, indeed, a second proposal for amending the directive will be submitted to the European Parliament for consideration and a third proposal will shortly be presented), but in general with regard to health and safety at work regulations.
The summary with an analysis of the main changes in the directive, prepared by Confindustria, is available to ANIMA Members (

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