#SCATTAILSEGNALE for road safety

Assosegnaletica e Konsumer Italia lanciano il concorso fotografico a tutela del cittadino

#Shoot signal for your safety on the road.

Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists can photograph street signs that are obsolete or not properly maintained.

Each image will be a contribution to the prevention of road accidents and an invitation to the road owner to intervene.

#Scattailsegnale is the initiative, which takes the form of a photo contest, promoted by Assosegnaletica federata ANIMA Confindustria and Konsumer Italia for the promotion of road safety. A project that fits into the broader context of the memorandum of understanding between the two associations signed in May.

#Scattailsegnale is a way to make one's voice heard in a historical juncture that sees the review of the Highway Code.

"A serious decision is about to be taken in the transport committee in the House, where many deputies have convinced themselves that to simplify the Highway Code it is necessary to cancel those few regulations that forced the mayors of the municipalities to spend part of the fines for road safety maintenance of road signs », complaint Paolo Mazzoni, Assosegnaletica adviser. "The fines must return to the road because they serve to save lives, to reduce health costs for accidents, to reduce insurance premiums, to increase tourism and decorum in our cities. Photographing the state of the road signs will be useful for this ».

"The intent is to collect as many reports as possible, rewarding the most original (if one can say) and striking shot, especially in relation to the most important signals (stop, precedence, danger, etc.), to sensitize the legislator to problem, "he explains Fabrizio Premuti, President Konsumer Italia.

"It is known that over 60% of road signs are not up to standard due to vandalism, age or the loss of their minimum refractive characteristics. In some cases, it is not even required by the Highway Code. It also happens that some signals, due to incorrect positioning, tend to mislead road users and become a real danger and / or distraction for car and motorcycle drivers ".

In this case Konsumer, upon authorization of the author, will formally ask the Entity to intervene to restore the security conditions as required by the Highway Code, with a suitable and correct signage. Otherwise, the Entity will knowingly place itself in the position of competition in the eventual verification of the damage in case of accident.

The competition is open to every citizen to encourage the awareness of the institutions.

The photographs will be published on Maps, so that all users can see them.

The jury is composed of representatives of Assosegnaletica and Konsumer Italia and will be chaired by a professional photojournalist.
Three shots will be awarded during a convention on road safety in an institutional hall, in the Chamber or in the Senate.

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