Exceptional Transports, increasingly urgent to submit proposals to the new government

On November 06, a work table dedicated to exceptional transport was held in Rome, at Confindustria, made up of all the associations and bodies involved in these critical issues.

The ANIMA Federation applauds the start of the work, and calls for a speedy resolution given the delay in the start of the collaboration and the urgent need to promote the transport of their goods by companies. The Italian infrastructures have put a strain on the companies of sectors such as that of the Italian caldareria in recent months. The exceptional transports, exceeding the limit of the 108 tons, have suffered serious prohibitions and delays due to the inadequacy of the Italian road network. Hence the importance of being part of this dialogue table together with the full realization, in the short term, of safe routes that favor the transport of goods.

After a careful examination of the recent guidelines emerged at Government level, in the field of Exceptional Transports, the discussion focused on examining the main criticalities of the technical and legal regulation of the authorization procedures, with particular attention to the issue of authorizations at territorial level and sectoral with the aim of collecting all the critical signs coming from the industrial world.

By identifying these shared proposals to change the current regulation, this table can be used as a coordination between the various bodies affected by the problem and at the same time provide initial indications on the route proposals for overcoming the major problems existing on the national road network, including any investment needs and infrastructure adaptation.

The ANIMA Federation invites its members to report the critical issues related to the management of exceptional transport authorization practices, in order to collect and represent all the needs in this area.

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