9 ° INAIL Report on Market Surveillance Activity

The Inail, according to the provisions of section 2 of art. 6 17 / 2010 2 (7 459 96), conducts technical assessment activities in support of the Italian Market Supervisory Authority (Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Labor and Social Policies). In particular, the Technical Inquiry Department of Technological Innovation and Safety Innovation Technology and Safety at Inail is establishing the Technical Technical Assessment Section, which coordinates nationally the conformity assessment activities of machines, plants, appliances and products at safety requirements prescribed by the legislative provisions for transposing applicable product directives.

The 9 ° Report, provided by art. 3 of the Provincial Decree prot. 11972 of 15 December 2004, constitutes the organized synthesis of the data contained in Inail's computer archive: starting from reports of alleged non-compliance of oversight bodies, Inail, judiciary, other member states, etc., the mechanism is rebuilt which, by activating a path of comparison between authorities and manufacturers, aims to ensure minimum levels of safety for workers in compliance with the Machinery Directive requirements.

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