CETA EU-Canada Agreement

Attivato il REX

The REX system (Registered Exporters) - part of the New European Union Customs Code and a key point for companies wishing to export to the world by cutting import duties

With a view to the definitive entry into force of the 'EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement (already approved by the European Parliament but slammed for Canada's slowdowns), the European Commission has published the procedure to be followed in order to benefit from the liberalization of duties.

In the text of the CETA agreement, contrary to what is the case with most free trade agreements, there is no reference to the EUR 1 movement certificate which can not therefore be used in trade with Canada. Preferential origin products must be accompanied by a declaration of origin and, in the case of exports of value higher than the 6.000 Euro, the exporter must be registered in REX database. The exporting company must therefore:
- request REX's "Exporter Exporter" number through the appropriate form to be sent to the relevant customs offices;
- receive the REX registration number to be indicated in the "source declaration" that must be attached to the descriptive commercial documents of the product.

Further information on trade relations and EU-Canada customs cooperation is available at link

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