EU-Canada agreement 'CETA': What expectations?

Il "Comprehnsive Economic and Trade Agreement" (CETA), approved by the European Parliament on February 15, addresses a wide range of Canadian administration issues at the federal and provincial levels that impact on European exports of goods and services to Canada.

the illustrative cards of the agreement content, the CETA aims to put an end to all import duties, saving for European exporters about 500 million euro a year. In addition, it should help eliminate some bureaucratic obstacles to trade.
The agreement will allow EU companies to participate in public procurement in Canada at all levels of government, even in the provinces, which account for a large proportion of public spending in Canada.

EU companies will also have access to service markets and Canadian investments.
The agreement will make it easier to temporarily transfer between the EU and Canada key personnel of companies and service providers, which is a great advantage for companies that operate on both sides of the Atlantic. Even engineers, accountants and architects in Europe experts will provide their services directly to Canadian customers.
Innovations, artwork, trademarks and traditional European food products in Canada will have protection equivalent to that enjoyed in the EU.

With CETA, mutual and mutual recognition of regulations is not foreseen, but paves the way for a better European and Canadian standardization bodies.

Furthermore, the EU and Canada will recognize the results of some of the official reciprocal controls to ensure that the products comply with their respective standards: this will reduce administrative costs due to the obligation to demonstrate twice that the technical rules and regulations have been respected .

The entry into force of CETA, scheduled for April after the vote in the Canadian Parliament, will be only temporary.
In order to transform it into a definitive agreement, it will be necessary to ratify the parliaments (national and regional, if competent in this matter) of the Member States of the European Union.

To deepen the CETA Agreement it is possible to consult the dedicated section on portal of the European Commission.

Publication 'The Benefits of CETA'

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