Facilities to support businesses: E-commerce and Temporary Export Manager

The implementation circulars concerning the instruments supporting the internationalization of the Italian companies provided for by the 8 April 2019 Decree were published on the MISE website.
Individual corporations or corporate networks will be able to access subsidized loans for the temporary inclusion in the company of a Temporary Export Manager (TEM) and for the development of E-commerce platforms through a market place or a own website, in both cases for projects to be carried out in non-EU countries.
For the temporary inclusion of a TEM in the company, the funding must be between 25.000 € and 150.000 € and the projects must be aimed at providing services aimed at facilitating the internationalization processes of the company.
For the development of e-commerce solutions, a loan from 25.000 € to 300.000 € is foreseen and the projects must concern goods or services produced in Italy or with the Italian brand.
In both cases the loan can cover the 100% of the expenses, at an interest rate equal to 10% of the European reference rate (currently equal to 0,089%), with a maximum duration of 4 years.

The loan application must be presented on the specific online platform managed by SACE SIMEST

For more information, see the dedicated page on the MISE website

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