Algeria: suspension of imports

Lista aggiornata dei prodotti sospesi dall'import

Our Embassy in Algiers informs that the Algerian Ministry of Commerce has, by decree 18-139 and effective 21 May 2018, replaced (see article 1) the list of products suspended on import, increasing it to 877 tariff positions (in the old list were 851). Finished products were included (including parmesan, yogurt, butter, frozen fish, hygiene products, marble, granite, travertine, agricultural tractors, ceramics, household appliances, etc.) and eliminated (and therefore readmitted to import) components necessary for local production. Attached the text of the Decree containing the list of products affected by the suspension to imports,

Note the contents of the art. 2. which excludes from the provision the goods added to the list sent before the date of publication of the Decree.

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