BIM in the construction and industrial sector: Italian legislation as a driver in the national digital transition

The 29 September 2017, at the Politecnico di Milano, ANIMA, as a member of the UNI / CT 33 / GL 05 -Codification of products and building construction processes, joined the working table for continued UNI 11337 , part 2-3-7.

Launched in 2009, the UNI 11337 standard aims to codify a process of radical digitalization that will concern the building and industrial sector in a few years: if on the one hand the existing works aim to define the rules of the game in safeguarding the peculiarities of the sectors involved, on the other, it fits into a wider context and compares with working groups such as CEN / TC / 442 and ISO / TC 59 / SC 13.

It is now well known that, with the adoption of the Code of Conduct, in implementation of 2014 / 23 / EU, 2014 / 24 / EU and 2014 / 25 / EU directives, BIM will enter into force in public procurement by 2019, becoming mandatory from 2025. Concluded in July, the public consultation, we are waiting for the upcoming definitive version.
While the digitalization process imposes and imposes an increasing design, construction and management quality of any new and constructed work, on the other, its potential in terms of savings, economic growth and employment is widely shared.
ANIMA, holding increasingly the role of the systemic approach to the development of the industrial chain, is launching new synergies and transversal activities BIM, both on the national and European front, with the aim of supporting the mechanical industry in this great challenge.

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