CETA - Date agreed 21 September 2017 for entry into force

The date for the entry into force of the 21 has been agreed at 2017 September XNUMX Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement-CETA Between Canada and the EU.

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Federation ANIMA, representing the Italian mechanical industry, is in favor of the Agreement.

"We need renewed trade relations and free markets," says Alberto Caprari, president of Anima / Confindustria. "The treaty can help break down barriers between countries, which often result in mutual depletion and, in our case, limit the spread of good and efficient technologies. In 2016, the mechanics represented by the Anima Federation exported to Canada a total value of 340 million euro In products, falling by 5% compared to 2015. Over the past five years, Canada has established itself as an important partner for our manufacturing industry and therefore a country that appreciates our technology and machinery. We therefore hope that Ceta will make this collaboration relationship even easier, which is based on mutual esteem and the quality of specific competences. In the 2016 half of the value exported by Anima consists of Gas Turbines, Valves and Taps and Hydraulic Pumps. Several other sectors record increases in the exported value, such as Construction machinery, road, mining, lifting equipment, locks and hardware, bakery machines and furnaces, heating equipment, industrial self-propelled carts. Even the "empathic" proximity between the two peoples counts. The recent visit to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Amateur clearly demonstrates the presence of strong common values ​​that could lead to further development of the Industrial Partnership between Italy and Canada.

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