MCE 2018 Press Conference: ANIMA data

Idrotermosanitario: un settore in decisa ripresa

November 22, intervening at the MCE Presentation Press Conference - Expocomfort 2018 Convention Exhibition, the President of ANIMA Alberto Caprari illustrated the market trends of the hydro-thermal sector, to which the ASSOTERMICA, ASSOCLIMA, AVR, AQUA ITALIA and ASSOPOMPE associations form.

Italian technologies dedicated to Comfort and Energy Efficiency, from heating and air conditioning to hot water treatment, from pumps to taps and valves, continue to record positive indicators.
Compared to the 2016, the 2017 precursor of production records a + 3,6% of 10.515,65 billion. Estimates for 2018 still predict potential growth of + 2,2%. Export ticks continue to record a + 1,2%, keeping a positive trend for the 2018 with a + 2,9%. First signs of improvement also from employment that should move from + 0,1% of 2017 to + 0,3% of 2018.

Significant investment data in 2017: + 7,7%, growing steadily from 2016, and expected to increase further in 2018: + 3,3%


A MCE 2018 ANIMA, MCE's historic partner, will participate as in previous editions SOUL Lounge, a large area of ​​reference for producers of innovative technologies in the civil and industrial buildings and housing sectors and crossroads of professionals, media and entrepreneurs in the industry.

Acism, Aqua Italia, Assoclima, Assofoodtec / Refrigeration plant manufacturers, Assopompe, Assotermica, Avr, Climgas, Italcogen, Ucc and Uman the associations directly and indirectly involved in specific sectoral themes.

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