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The Italian companies, specifically the various mechanical companies represented by ANIMA Confindustria, send a large part of their production to export (68% in 2017).

It is therefore of particular importance and interest to keep up-to-date on the current restrictive measures and the tariffs adopted by some countries, which risk compromising competitiveness and international trade.

With this in mind, Confindustria has decided to offer the confederal system and associated companies a specific service that will allow them to question Confindustria on some of the main topics of the international economic and commercial agenda, the HelpDesk_Trade Service

In particular, these issues are considered

- US duties on the import of steel and aluminum and the countermeasures adopted by the EU;
- Unilateral sanctions of the USA against Russia and sanctions in force by the EU;
- US withdrawal from the Iran JCPOA agreement;

In addition to accessing in-depth and updated documentation, it will be possible to formulate questions directly from the Confindustria website.

Le associated companies they will be able to access the Desk by authenticating themselves to the confindustrial system through their VAT number

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