EU countermeasures against US duties on steel and aluminum

In vigore dal 22 giugno

La European Commission approved countermeasures on US steel and aluminum tariffs. One is available list of products, the estimated value of 2,8 billion dollars of trade. The countermeasures will be effective from 22 June 2018.
Attached the press release of the European Commission.

He was also drafted a second list of products with measures that can be activated within three years or even earlier in the event of a dispute to be resolved in the WTO to authorize the imposition of measures. This list includes HS code assets from 84 to 85.

Furthermore, the European Commission:
- initiated legal proceedings against the US against the WTO (from the 1 June)
- is considering the launch of a protection action to safeguard the European market from the interruptions caused by the diversion from the US market. The 26 March has started a research: the Commission has nine months to decide whether protective measures are necessary. If the study confirms the need for a short action, the decision could be made in the summer.

With reference toaluminum, the European Commission has put in place a surveillance system for aluminum imports in case a specific action is requested.

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