4.0 tax credit - The implementing decree has been published

With the 2018 Budget Law, the Legislator has proposed a new measure with which to further stimulate the investments of companies aimed at transforming technology and digital in '4.0 industry': the 4.0 training tax credit.
This subsidy has been designed for all those subjects (companies resident in the territory of the State, regardless of their legal status, the economic sector to which they belong, the size, the accounting system and the system for determining income for tax purposes; non-commercial residents residing business activities relevant to business income; companies resident abroad with stable organizations in Italy) that in 2018 carry out training activities for employees in the technology sector envisaged by the National Business Plan 4.0.

Now, with the Decree 4 May 2018 (published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.143 of 22 June 2018) have been published the provisions of the tax credit for the training costs of employees in the field of technology provided by the Plan National Industry 4.0

For more information, by clicking here an in-depth analysis of the Ministry of Economic Development is available, as well as the reference texts.

The incentive
Tax credit of 40% of expenses related to employees involved in the eligible training activities, limited to the business cost related to the hours or training days, incurred during the taxable period and the maximum limit of 300.000 euro for each beneficiary , agreed through collective corporate or territorial agreements.

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