Eliminated the request for the Ecolabel brand for heat pumps - Assoclima's request was accepted

As part of the national legislation on the assignment of design and construction services for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of public buildings, as well as the related minimum environmental criteria adopted with DM 11 October 2017 and published in the GU n. 259 of the 6 November 2017, the Ministry of the Environment has accepted the application of Assoclima (federated ANIMA) for the elimination of the request for use of air-conditioning products bearing the Ecolabel mark.

In this regard, the following FAQ has been published:

Criterion Heating and cooling systems

D: The criterion text refers to two Ecolabel decisions no longer in force. How to behave with respect to the verification of the criterion that requires that "The designer must prescribe that during the procurement phase the contractor will have to ascertain the compliance with the criterion using products bearing the EU Ecolabel or equivalent"?
A: The ecological criteria established by the 742 2007 and 314 2014 decisions quoted in the paragraph Heating and cooling plants of 11 Decree 2017 October, no longer in force respectively by 31 December 2016 and 28 May 2018, are currently exceeded and replaced by the minimum requirements set by the eco design and energy labeling regulations in force for heat pumps and other heating systems which are therefore the only valid regulatory reference for the purpose of verifying compliance with the requirement. As part of the forthcoming revision of the text of the CAMs, a modification of this criterion will be made.

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