Expo Dubai presentation meeting results (23 July 2019)

On Tuesday 23 July a meeting was held with the Section General Commissariat for Italy for Expo 2020 Dubai dedicated to the associations of the Confindustria system.
During the meeting the possibilities of participation within Palazzo Italia summarized below.

Presence in the Italian Pavilion Schedule:

The presence of the associations can become part of the six-monthly program of activities, initiatives and events developed by the Commissariat in the Italian Pavilion, within which it will be possible to integrate in various ways and for which the following spaces can be made available:
Auditorium / Theater:
- conceived as a real one theater, the auditorium of the Italian Pavilion, capable of hosting up to 120 people, can become a venue for conferences, presentations, seminars, workshops, scientific meetings, international meetings, meetings, forums, conventions, testimonials, presentations and musical shows, plays and of entertainment.
Education Lab:
- it is a space designed to accommodate Universities, Research Centers, students, associationsthe partners of the General Commissariat and allow them, through the most advanced e-learning technologies, to be able to make the visit of the Italian Pavilion a moment of deepening, participation, connection and sharing of knowledge and skills.
B2B Spaces:
- i b2b spaces of the Italian Pavilion will allow us to welcome institutional and commercial delegations, diplomatic, economic and cultural representatives from the Participating Countries of Expo 2020 guests and stakeholders for opportunities for meetings, strengthening of existing networks and creation of new opportunities and international exchanges.
Participation in the exhibition area in the area called:
"White Space":
- It is possible to organize temporary exhibitions and installations for a maximum period of 15 days within the exhibition space of the Italian Pavilion called "White Space" (approximately 100 square meters).

The proposal of the contents to be included in the program schedule is subject to the direction and supervision of the General Commissariat and the Artistic Director of the Italian Pavilion by virtue of preserving the consistency of the contents with the general expository and narrative path of the Participation of Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai.
The activities carried out can be valorised in the general communication plan of the General Section Commissariat for Expo Dubai 2020.

During the meeting, no indications were given regarding the amount of investment necessary to be included in the Schedule of events, the details of which will shortly be defined and advertised as well as in the direct confrontation between the Commissariat and the Associations involved, at this stage, at present a project idea.
In subsequent meetings and communications, information will be provided on the calendar of the Italian Pavilion and Expo event schedule (National Day, other Pavilions initiatives, etc.) as well as technical information on the spaces available within Palazzo Italia and on the platform for the management of B2B meetings.

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