RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Introducing new lines of economic policy guidance and investment projects (Milan, November 11 - Venice, 28 November - Modena, 29 November - Turin 30 November)

Confindustria and l 'ICE agencyIn partnership with Assolombarda - Confindustria Milan Monza and Brianza, Confindustria Venice, Confindustria Modena, Industrial Union of Turin and with Confindustria Russia, Will organize a series of seminars dedicated to the presentation of the new economic policy guidelines approved by the Government of the Russian Federation and of the priority investment projects launched by major regions of the country.

Known as the conjunction between the fall in oil prices, depreciation of the ruble and sanctions and counter-sanctions launched as a result of the Ukrainian crisis, is leading to a severe deterioration of the economic situation the Russian and a deep contraction of its growth rates. To address this trend, since the end of 2014 the Moscow government has launched a massive plan of re-industrialization of the country, Aimed at the development and modernization of the national manufacturing system and gradual replacement of foreign imports. Already with the Federal Law n. The 488 31 / 12 / 2014 (entered into force in January 2015), the strengthening of the domestic industry has been listed as the primary economic objective, in lieu of a development model based on the export of raw materials.

This process will require a consequent adaptation of strategies of internationalization of our companies to the Russian market, which increasingly take into consideration the direct investment or engaging in forms of industrial cooperation with local realities and not just the export of goods and services.
The aim is therefore to present to the Italian companies the new course of the Russian economy and, in particular, the most significant investment projects that the regions economically more developed and open to foreign capital have launched in recent months.
The Moscow ICE Office has selected and conducted a due diligence on 93 insistent proposals for industrial collaboration of 14 Russian regions; they relate to the agro-industry sectors, construction materials, automotive, chemical-plastic, pharmaceutical and medical, machine tools, metallurgy, logistics, aerospace, woodworking machinery, transport and infrastructure and oil & gas.
The events will take place in the cities of Milan, Venice, Modena and Turin on the following dates:

   -  Milan: 11 November at the headquarters of Assolombarda (Via Pantano 9)
   -  Venice: 28 November at the headquarters of Confindustria Venezia (Via delle Industrie 19 - Marghera)
   -  Modena: 29 November at the headquarters of Confindustria Modena (via Bellinzona 27)
   -  Turin: 30 November at the headquarters of the Turin Industrial Union (via Vela 17)

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Members in the restricted area, Internationalization, Russia, the draft programs of the four seminars, along with the full list of investment projects with the indication for each of a brief description and its economic value.


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