The future of export control, dual use, EU discipline and changes to customs legislation

Smart Export 13 dicembre: sessione pomeridiana su tematiche doganali

The afternoon session (15: 00-18: 00) Smart Export (Milan 13 December) will be devoted to two specialized Workshops, one of which is the High Level Meeting on Customs Management, organized by INCU / WCO e Easyfrontier, ANIMA partner company for the Project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs).

As is well known, the government is about to issue a legislative decree intended to adapt it national legislation All Union provisions and bring together the various sanctioning and authorization profiles.

The decree will deal with them export restrictions on dual-use goods, goods subject to anti-torture and goods listed as a result of Union restrictive measures, in addition to including intangible transfers of information between authorized products. Authorization procedures will be substantially revised by the legislative decree, primarily with the introduction of the so-called "Zero License" which provides for the release by the MISE of a statement that will attest the non-submission of a given asset to authorization. The validity period for individual individual authorization will also change. This authorization, statistically most frequently, concerns a broad spectrum of actors involved in the supply chain, the exporter, the intermediaries and the technical support providers, while the licensable goods will be both tangible and intangible.

At the same time a deep revision of the EC Regulation 428 / 2009, inherent in the control of exports of dual-use goods. The reform was born with the objective of updating the legislation on technological advances that took place after the last revision but also with the aim of extending the restrictions mainly to human rights violations: the so-called Human Rights; applying its principles will also be allowed to authorize cyber-surveillance infrastructures and technologies, along with brokerage services.

Export restrictions contain a set of common rules for carrying out controls, a list of goods subject to such controls and harmonized measures. The goods subject to these restrictions are already listed in the Annexes to the Regulation. If, thanks to an interaction between the intelligence services and the Ministry of Economic Development, the authorities receive information about unauthorized use of goods that by their nature would not have a dual meaning, the full clause clause would be introduced - all with which the Ministry reserves the right to request authorization also for products for which it would not be provided, and which will be maintained in the upcoming revision.

The initiative is reserved to a maximum of 20 participants and will be held in English language.

It is expected the release of the 'certificate of attendance.

Export Managers, General Managers, Administrative Managers, Product Managers, Custom Specialists and all those who are concerned with corporate competitiveness with foreign countries.

The value of the training and qualifying comparison on the most current themes is what contributes to making the corporate business abroad not only possible but also more competitive. Knowing in advance and understanding the outlook of dual-use specific legislation is the key to getting ready for change, ensuring continuity and growth.

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