Tax management of expatriate workers

Workshop L'INDUSTRIA MECCANICA-ASSOCAAF Nuova data: 21 marzo 2018

THE MECHANICAL INDUSTRY in collaboration with ASSOCAAF SPA organizes the 21 March (9,30-12,30) a meeting on the topic "The tax management of expatriate workers: tax issues, risks and sanctions - possible solutions."


The internationalization of companies increasingly favors worker mobility.
Companies require their employees to be available for transfers both in the European Union and in non-EU countries, for periods of varying duration.

In this context, the needs of companies and workers must be reconciled with the adoption of tax solutions that comply with the regulations of the reference countries.

The aim of the Workshop is to correctly frame the tools available, their operation and their operational application for the company and for the worker. Particular attention will be devoted to regulatory updates and to the tax cases that may arise in relation to the probable criticalities in case of non-compliant procedures.
The works will see the deepening of the following themes:

 Distinctive elements and management differences between the different types of workers' classification (traveling, seconded and expatriate).
 Double taxation agreements.
 Stable organization.
 Conventional salaries.
 Recovery of credits for taxes paid abroad.

Antonio Cattaneo, tributarist, qualified professional Assocaaf for international taxation
Ezio Este, chartered accountant and auditor, Assocaaf qualified professional for international taxation

Participation in a limited number.

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