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A help desk was set up in London to support and help national companies to disentangle possible Brexit issues. As part of these activities, ICE Agenzia has activated a communication channel informing about what happens in the UK in this context.

Two salient facts that characterized last week will affect the way in which Brexit is implemented:

-The announcement of the resignation of Premier May (with effect from 7 next June)
The Premier's plan to bring the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) to the vote of Parliament for the fourth time in the first week of June has dissolved after the strongly negative reactions to the May 21 speech in which it had announced some proposals they should have, in its intentions, to facilitate the passage of the WA. The extreme polarization of positions and the expected debacle of the Conservative party in the European elections contributed to precipitating the situation. Moreover, its release was already scheduled for the end of June if the WA had not been approved. Basically, the very latest events have only anticipated its release from Downing Street n.10 by some time. The date of Friday 7 June has been set to allow the country to be represented by a Premier in office during the visit of President Trump of the 3-5 June
May's resignation paves the way for the appointment of a new leader of the conservative party, who will also be the new Prime Minister. The process should take no more than six weeks, so the choice should be defined before the end of July. If the firm EU position is confirmed, the exit of the United Kingdom without an agreement would be almost inevitable at the end of the October 31. The possibility of requesting a further extension, as suggested by some continental commentators, is considered implausible.

- European elections

The results of the election rewarded the new "Brexit" party founded by Farage which reached 31,7% of the votes. A debacle for the two traditional parties the Conservatives, currently at the head of the country, who stopped at the 9% and the Labor 14%. Good success for pro-europe parties, liberal democrats at 20,3 and greens at 12%, 3% of the Scottish national party at 3, the party of the Welsh party 1%. The party of exiles from the Labor Party, in opposition to the weak position of the leader Corbyn, stopped at the 3,4%. These results show that in the face of a single party that has focused the anti-European position there is a plurality of parties that are on opposite positions. In this context, the needle of bilacia will be the positions that will assimilate the two parties that have historically ruled the country.
The next step will be the appointment of the leader of the conservatives who will assume the role of Prime Minister and who will have to lead the country towards defining the Brexit situation. The forecast indicates that it should be a Brexiteer. The favorite would seem to be Boris Johnson who could direct the choice towards an exit without agreement. As an alternative candidate, Michael Gove's prices are going up, which seems to be the most moderate among those who supported the campaign to leave the Union.

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