IBEF International Beirut Energy Forum

26-28 settembre 2018

L'International Beirut Energy Forum-IBEF (26-29 September 2018) is an important opportunity to get in touch through corporate networking, with key corporate and institutional players operating in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector.
ICE Agency, in collaboration with SOUL, Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea and UNIDO ITPO organized the Italian participation: a dozen qualified companies including two companies associated with ANIMA.

An ANIMA representative will intervene at the Forum also in representation of the associative sectors of the energy sector.

Lebanon suffers an energy deficit estimated at about 1 / 4 of total demand and the 2010 authorities are committed to supporting and strengthening all public, private and individual initiatives to promote and enhance the use of renewable energy as foreseen by the I ^ Plan in Action for the National Energy Efficiency for Lebanon (NEEAP 2011-2015), renewed with a II ^ NEEAP (2016-2020) in progress.

IBEF from 2010 represents an event of reference in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern area for the sector ofsustainable energy, fostering partnerships, regional cooperation initiatives and international collaboration.

"Digitalization in Sustainable Energy: Expanding the Investment Frontiers" is the focus for the 2018 edition, focusing on how digitalization today influences energy supply and demand in changing consumption patterns, in new ways of
optimization of resources, increased use of industrial platforms and cross-sectoral partnerships.

The mission program will follow the following schedule:

- 25 September 2018: Arrival of the delegates in Beirut and presentation of the Forum work

- 26-28 September 2018: Participation in the work of the IBEF 2018 and realization of b2b meetings organized by ICE-Beirut Agency on 27 September 2018

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