Learn to use Linkedin strategically for the foreign business

Smart Export 13 dicembre: sessione pomeridiana dedicata a "Linkedin per l'Export"

The afternoon session (15: 00-18: 00) of Smart Export Forum (Milan 13 December) includes two specialized workshops, declined on the general theme of Export, one of which on the Social Network Linkedin applied to Exports.

The new communications runs more and more on social, but requires knowledge of the mechanisms and rules for effectively presenting the company and competitive even in comparison with foreign companies.

Still little exploited by industrial property companies, Linkedin, a social network recently deployed by Microsoft, may seem far from the needs of Italian SMEs. What you need is to understand how to use it effectively.

LinkedIn continues to add useful functions for companies and reached the 530 million active profiles in 2017, can be used to facilitate business contacts, increasing the base of potential customers, identify distributors, agents and importers, but above all to speak their corporate image and its own way of "doing business".

The initiative is reserved to a maximum of 20 participants and is scheduled for release of the attestation of participation.

Conditions for members ANIMA.

Export Manager, Export Offices Offices, Communication Officers, Social Referents, Foreign Communication and Business Consultants and other professional figures who use Linkedin to promote and value business.


-Personal Branding and Corporate Identity
-Analysis of the corporate social situation
-Complete Business Pages and Profiles: Headline, Summary, Experience
-Centralizing content and CTAs in relation to company OBJECTIVES and TARGETs for events, sales campaigns, product / service promotion.
- Integrating with other media (site, press, social).

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