Market Economy Status China - EU Proposal to amend the Anti-dumping Regulation

The European Commission has adopted the pending proposal to amend the anti-dumping system in the part that concerns the new calculation method to meet the expectations of China to be recognized as a market economy.

According to the Protocol of Accession of China to the WTO, by 2016 the international community will be asked to rule on the recognition of Market economy status ( "Market Economy Status - MES").

China continues to be counted among the "Non-Market Economies". In particular for the EU, it does not fully respect one of the five economic criteria established by Brussels for recognition. If granted under the current conditions, this status will have a very significant impact on the EU trade defense system, providing for the use of domestic prices on the Chinese market as a benchmark in anti-dumping investigations, which will inevitably result in drastically lower and insufficient dumping margins. to protect Italian and European companies, as they are based on values ​​that do not correspond to the dynamics of the market.

In this respect we note that Confindustria It has been active with determination both at national and European level by raising awareness of institutional contacts at the highest levels. We are present with the associations at all levels of ministerial round tables, as well as in the European debate with the participation of BUSINESSEUROPE, the Members of the European Parliament and other stakeholders, contributing significantly to the activity of AEGIS, an association at European level 30 sectors industrial engaged in a widespread information campaign. At the political level, the Confindustria leaders have repeatedly formalized observations of Confindustria to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister and Deputy Minister of Economic Development, to the competent Commissioners and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs of the EU.

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