New anti-dumping rules - The vote of the European Parliament

In the course of sitting of November 15, the European Parliament voted on the anti-dumping modification regulation, which will introduce new rules to counter imports from dumped third countries and subsidies.

The 3 last October had already reached an informal agreement between the deputies and the negotiators of the Council of the Union, but for the entry into force of the new rules the approval of the Plenary was necessary.

The result achieved represents a compromise between the various impetus and, thanks to the decisive intervention of Italy, especially in the Council of the Union, marked the abandonment of the assumption of the recognition of the status of the introduction of a new dumping calculation mechanism based on the concept of significant distortion.

Among the issues introduced, the new rules will force business partners and producers outside the European Union, for the first time worldwide, to comply with international labor and environmental standards.

The European Commission will monitor the situation in exporting countries and the Union's businesses will be able to rely on the Commission's complaint filings and will not have to provide any additional evidence of dumping.

The last step will be the formal approval by the Council of EU Trade Ministers, which will convene the 30 November - 1 December.

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