New rules for importing to Algeria

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With reference to the problems encountered and verified by the operators in Algeria following the publication of the new provisions on the import of products from abroad (see news of the January 11), it is however noted that there is an EU-Algeria free trade agreement and in particular The 17 article states that no new quantitative restrictions on imports and exports from the EU should be introduced.

In addition, the Algerian financial law for 2018 provides for an increase to 30% and 60% of import duties of 129 tariff lines, while the 11 article of the EU-Algeria agreement sets the maximum limit of 25% of the value of goods for duties. Therefore, this expected increase can not be arranged for products of EU preferential origin.

The importer is required to present a series of documents to his Algerian client and in particular a certificate issued by the competent authority of his country (not well specified), which certifies the free marketing of the products within the country. Within the European Union, this authority would appear to be identified in the Chambers of Commerce, while in Italy many Chambers of Commerce refuse to proceed with this release.

ANIMA remember that through the contacts of the Project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs) - in collaboration with Easy Frontier - is available to member companies that need to receive support in this regard (

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