New funds from MISE for Internationalization Voucher

The Ministry of Economic Development has allocated new funds for the Internationalization Voucher.
From November 28 you will be able to apply for a LOSSED CONTRIBUTION in respect of services rendered by accredited companies.

The main innovations of this new edition are:
- contributions up to € 15.000. As with the previous call, the € 10.000 (€ 8.000 for the companies that participated in the previous edition) for 6 for internationalization projects with a minimum duration of 13.000 months is € 15.000 (voucher " early stage "); while raising the € 12 backlog for internationalization projects lasting at least 25.000 months versus a total € XNUMX (advanced stage voucher) expense.
- more attention to the regions of the South. In fact, the 60% of available resources is destined for Basilicata, Apulia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.
- possibility of obtaining additional contributions. For companies, additional € 15.000 is expected if, thanks to the EMI intervention, 2018's foreign sales will increase by 15% compared to 2017; the incidence of 2018's foreign sales compared to total revenue will reach the 6% share.

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