National Action Plan to increase NZEB buildings

It was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic and on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development, the 19 Ministerial Decree 2017 on the approval of the "National Action Plan for the Increase of Near-zero Energy Buildings" provided by the article 4-bis, paragraph 2, of d.lgs.192 / 2005.
The document arises from the need to enhance the diffusion of NZEB buildings on national territory. With reference to both the new construction and the existing building heritage, the plan clarifies the meaning of an NZEB building by analyzing the basic requirements: energy and environmental performance, passive and active technological systems, and economic sustainability.
The plan also provides a mapping of national built heritage, regional policy measures taken and underway, and economic and financial instruments aimed at facilitating the achievement of the national goals defined by the EPBD Directive.
The document is also complemented by the Energy Rehabilitation Strategy of the National Real Estate Park, as envisaged by the d.lgs.102 / 2014 (currently being issued), defining the objectives to be achieved, the lines of action for their achievement, critical issues to overcome and possible strategic solutions.

The publication of the decree, together with the National Action Plan, can be reached on line at the following link

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