Anti-Circumvention of Turkey proceedings against Italy (fittings for furniture).

Confindustria is following the developments of an anti-circumvention proceeding initiated by Turkey towards Italy and other countries (Greece and Spain in the EU and Thailand). The products involved in the process are window frames, hardware and similar items for furniture identified with the following customs codes: 8302.10, 8302.42, 8302.50 (the definition in English is "Hinges of Base Metal & Hat-Racks, Hat-Pegs, Brackets and Similar Fixtures of Base Metal & Base Metal Mountings, Fittings and Similar Articles Suitable for Furniture ").

The investigation, opened by the Turkish authorities the 17 last November, is still in progress (possible conclusion in November 2017) and originates from an initial procedure 2004 which led to the imposition of anti-dumping measures against China; a first anti-circumvention investigation, conducted in 2008, ended with the extension of the measures also with regard to Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

This second anti-circumvention investigation concerning imports from Italy (as well as from Spain, Greece and Thailand) aims not so much to ascertain whether there is dumping by Italian companies, but if they are implemented conducted evasive measures and if so the Italian channel is used to export the products in question in Turkey without paying duty. If, following the investigation, the Turkish authorities establish the existence of circumvention practices, the anti-dumping measures will be extended to imports from the countries surveyed, with the exception of manufacturers and exporters exempted if it can prove that it did not place be evasive behavior.

Several of our exporting companies in Turkey have been involved in the proceedings with a request to cooperate by means of a questionnaire prepared by the Turkish authorities and, through their respective associations of reference, have reported related procedural difficulties, in particular, the instance of returning the completed questionnaire within tight deadlines and requests for excessively detailed and complex.
On the matter, Confindustria promptly activated the necessary institutional channels, coordinating closely with the Anti-dumping Office of the Mise, and through it, with the Italian Embassy in Ankara and the local offices of the ICE as well as, through the Brussels Delegation, with the relevant services of the European Commission. It also intervened directly on the Turkish Ministry of Economy to obtain an extension of the terms for the questionnaires which - as confirmed in recent days by our Embassy - was officially agreed by the Turkish authorities until the next 10 February.
In this regard, it will be grateful to the associations concerned to keep us updated on the possible involvement of their members in order to allow Confindustria to continue to ensure the necessary coordination on the issue and evaluate the most appropriate support measures.

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