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Fiera Industrialis - Berna 11-14 dicembre 2018

ICE Agency organizes a group of Italian companies at the Industrialis fair (Bern, 11-14 December 2018).
The biennial event is addressed to producers and suppliers of the MEM sector, with particular attention to the digital industry of 4.0. The main thematic areas of the fair are precision instruments, production measurement technologies, machine components, system construction, components, materials, surfaces and coatings, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, services and the CAD industry.

The fair, in its first edition, aims to have an international and quality breath. For four days, Bern will become a global showcase where countries can showcase the best of their technologies and productions in response to growing market demand in Switzerland.
In fact, the canton of Bern is an important center for the Swiss MEM (Metalworking, Electrotechnical and Metallurgical) industry in relation to the employment rate, which reaches a higher percentage than any other region, together with the Zurich area. In such terms the metallurgical and mechanical industry is the most important industrial sector of the canton of Bern.
The MEM industry is Switzerland's largest industrial sector, contributing to 17% of the gross domestic product. The fact that the Swiss MEM companies occupy about 500'000 collaborators abroad, shows the important international interweaving of the sector. The MEM industry depends to a large extent on the import of products and raw materials, in this Switzerland shows a cyclical weakness that continues to favor foreign suppliers from 2015. This phenomenon represents an undoubted market opportunity that Italian companies can not fail to grasp. Italy is already an important trading partner of Switzerland: in 2017, it has exported 16.201 billions of Euros in the machinery and machine tools sector. Also in the 2017, in the export of metallurgy machines and products, it has established itself as leader with a Swiss market share of 40,38%, surpassing Germany and China.

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