Confindustria Study Centre report: Italian manufacturing seventh in the world and second in Europe

The Italian industry is the seventh in the world in the manufacturing and defends the second in Europe
In the global scenario that sees a slowdown in the rise of the emerging and a recovery of industrial activity in advanced, especially in the USA and Germany, Italy still limps, hard to leave, is in a slow ascent.

However, in the manufacturing ranks seventh in the world, She was eighth, surpassing Brazil. In addition, the Italian industry can defend second position in Europe with a share of 2,3%, almost halved compared to the pre-crisis, but more than those of the UK and France, ranking behind Germany (6,1%).

A fact highlighted in Report on industrial scenarios of Confindustria Study Center presenting the ranking of countries by share of manufacturing, the "factory of the world".

Internationalization remains an obligation for the growth of enterprises.

<< The Italian excellence in the world and will be discussed at future international scenarios'SOUL event of 25 November "Which Export to 2017"

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