Health and safety at work - European Commission - Recent initiatives

The European Commission has published in January 10 2017 a press release concerning the latest initiatives concerning health and safety.
In particular, the notes below topics and published the relevant documents have been addressed:

set exposure limits or other measures to other chemical carcinogens. The Commission has defined a second proposal for the revision of the carcinogens Directive (the first revision proposal is currently under consideration in the European Parliament) .The Commission proposal amending Annex III of Directive 2004 / 37 / EC and its Annex containing the values exposure limit for 5 substances (Methylenedianiline, Epichlorohydrine, Ethylene dibromide, Ethylene dichloride, Trichloroethylene) and annotations for "can penetrate the skin with a significant contribution to the total body burden" for the same substances mentioned above and for more 2 substances (complex PAH - Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - mixtures with benzo [a] pyrene, used engine oils);

collaboration with Member States and social partners in order to delete or update the rules obsolete within the next two years. The Commission's aim is to simplify and reduce administrative burdens, while continuing to protect workers.

assistance to companies, particularly small and micro-enterprises in applying the rules on health and safety. a guidance document with practical advice to employers to facilitate and enhance the effectiveness of their risk assessment has been published. The Commission intends to further increase the availability of free online tools to assist small and micro-enterprises in the implementation of risk assessments;

evaluation of the European directives on health and safety. The Communication on "modernization" is also a result of the existing regulatory evaluation of the acquis on health and safety as part of the control program of the adequacy and effectiveness of the regulation (REFIT), which aims to make the EU legislation simple, relevant and effective.

The review of EU legislation on health and safety and the changes of the directive on carcinogens or mutagens fit into the framework of the activities that the Commission is currently undertaking to build a European pillar of social rights, confirming the importance of health and safety at work as key elements of the EU acquis.

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