20 June 2019 Workshop

Un supporto alle aziende nelle clausole contrattuali

Workshop scheduled in Milan on June 20 (14.30-17.30) at ANIMA headquarters (Via Scarsellini 11).

The objective is to help the participating companies to analyze and draft contractual clauses that are as much as possible safeguarding in critical situations such as:

- variation of an order after the execution of the contract
- delay in the execution and / or delivery of an order
- required by the counterparty to apply the penalties or the enforcement of the guarantee given as a guarantee

To this end, the most widespread contractual models will be analyzed including, for example, the model of the International Chamber of Commerce, the main clauses of international commercial law and some important jurisprudential cues will be examined.
The topic will be addressed in strictly operational terms, examining real texts and cases, proposing effective solutions and emphasizing all the aspects that should never be underestimated by companies that market abroad.


1. Main clauses of international commercial law that the supplier must know and consider
2. Clauses that contain penalties, limitations and exclusions of responsibility, the right to terminate the contract and guarantees
3. Arbitration clause
4. Supplies in countries subject to international economic sanctions
5. Main contractual models and evolution of practice and jurisprudence
6. Analysis of practical cases

At the end the speakers are available to meet the participants individually. In case of interest, please notify us when registering.

Attorney Hanz John Chiappetta, Associate Lawyers Lawtelier
Avv. Elena Olivetti, Lawtelier Avvocati Associati

ANIMA members receive a discount on the participation fee, while ANIMA Service Card members can participate for free.

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