The conferences of Aisem at Intralogistica Italia

In Fiera Milano-Rho dal 29 maggio al 1 giugno

Four days of highly professional meetings, high-level speakers, topical issues and interest for the sector: these are the main ingredients of the congress calendar for the second edition of Intralogistica Italia.

The heart of Italian factory innovation from production moves to logistics: it is one of the great revolutions of the 4.0 industry. The interconnectivity between systems determines the amount of information obtained between the production phase of an asset and its sale in all phases.

There you make the difference. The speed of delivery, punctuality, dedication to the consumer have become the criteria of judgment to consider a positive or negative purchase experience. It is no longer enough to produce well, now it is necessary to guarantee a personalized service.

Logistics, therefore, becomes the space to improve the quality of its work. At Intralogistica Italia 2018 AISEM - Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Movement Systems federated in ANIMA - Federation of National Associations, in the days of the fair will dialogue with companies, suppliers, buyers on the ongoing revolution and on current issues.

The calendar is extremely interesting and articulated, addressing the issues emerging from the consultation with members of the Advisory Panel of which they are: Automha, Bennet, Beumer Group, Byd, Candy, Ccimola, Cls Cgt, Crown Lift Trucks, Dematic, Dhl , Ferretto Group, Fca Group, Incas, Interroll, Iper La Grande I, Kardex Italy, Linde Material Handling Italy, Leroy Merlin, Mitsubishi, Modula, Italian Schenker, Swisslog Italy.


There are three conferences promoted by the collaboration between the confindustrial association and the only industry event in Italy:

The transformation of logistics into 4.0 key: a need for Smart factories - 29 May 2018, 14.00 hours, Spazio Galileo / 1 Room - will involve international and national speakers. On the theme "Industry 4.0 in Europe between cyber safety and cyber security" the general secretary of FEM, the European movement and logistics association, Olivier Janin will speak. The intervention dedicated to "How to use 100% hyper and superammoramento for Logistics also in 2018" related to the opportunities related to the Budget Law will be curated by Anima Confindustria and the Icim certification body. Ivan Lavatelli of PWC will help the audience to "Re-think the logistics in 4.0 key: solutions and strategies". The professionals will be supported by the entrepreneurial experience of Swisslog Italia and Cooperativa Ceramiche Imola.

The conference How logistics changes with the advent of e-commerce. Interconnected technologies, warehouses and distribution in production and in b2b - 31 May 2018, 10.30 hours, Spazio Galileo / 1 Room - will deepen the theme of online purchases with Confindustria Digitale and the Milan Polytechnic. It will be an opportunity to listen to the testimonies of Microsoft and some manufacturing companies such as Sharp and Caljian Rite-Hite.

Increasingly energy efficiency also for logistics - 1 Jun 2018, 10.30 hours, Spazio Galileo / Sala 1 - is the title of the last series of conferences, which looks at the challenge towards greater efficiency and the use of renewable sources increasingly inherent to warehouse management. The need to put in place optimization plans dedicated to all the components of the logistics phase is growing rapidly. This will be discussed by Katerina Nicole Petta of PWC in her speech entitled "Logistics at the center of the technological evolution of companies". This will be followed by the professor of the Milan Polytechnic, Vittorio Chiesa, with his speech "Energy in company between efficiency and renewable sources also for logistics". There are some company case histories by Automha, Linde and Dematic.

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These three conferences organized for Intralogistica Italia by AISEM - Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Handling Systems, federated in ANIMA - Federation of National Associations, include the participation of important industry associations such as FEM - European Material Handling Federation and Assintel - National Association of Companies ICT, of the Politecnico di Milano and an international network for tax consulting PwC - PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as the ICIM Certification Body.

As can be seen from the program of meetings and the most important market players enrolled in Intralogistica Italia, the event will present strategies and solutions capable of responding to the challenges and needs of "Industria 4.0", which require an increasingly close and intelligent integration between production and logistics, new digital technologies and automated and interconnected processes.

For the second edition of Intralogistica Italia, exhibitors and visitors will have access to the My Matching platform of Fiera Milano, an innovative tool aimed at encouraging business contacts and facilitating the organization of the operator's visit. Registered companies can get in touch quickly and easily with hundreds of selected buyers, through the creation of appointment calendars in the exhibition.

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