World Coffee Day

I dati di Ucimac e le parole del presidente Maurizio Giuli

Ucimac / Assofoodtec represents the producers of espresso coffee machines.

The "espresso coffee machines" sector in the 2017 recorded an increase in the value of production (+ 6,7%), due in large part to the foreign market. During the 2018 there is a further growth (+ 4,8%). Exports have grown (+ 6,5%) in the 2017 and further growth is expected (+ 5,8%) during the 2018. The main destination markets remain the European ones, but there is a considerable share to the countries of the Asian area, in particular to South Korea and China. Employment in the 2017 is slightly increased (+ 2%) as well as (+ 2%) in the 2018. Investments have increased significantly (+ 12,9%) during the 2017, driven by the provisions concerning "Industria 4.0", and are still growing (+ 13,8%) during the 2018.

"In Italy, often when we refer to the act of consumption of coffee we use the expression 'a coffee', suggesting that one coffee is worth the other. - says Maurizio Giuli, president of UCIMAC - In reality, behind the coffee there is a world capable of involving the consumer and there is a new way of living and interpreting coffee. Italian coffee technologies follow high quality standards capable of enhancing the flavor and origin of each chiccho ».


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