INTRALOGISTICS ITALY 2018, an issue increasingly attentive to the market, offers its exhibitors the White Paper AISEM / Soul, an indispensable industry analysis

INTRALOGISTICS ITALY shown not merely offer a showcase of international scope in which to bring together supply and demand but also want to photograph the evolution of the sector offering a comprehensive study now missing and necessary.

With this in mind, INTRALOGISTICS ITALY decided to co-finance the WHITE PAPER AISEM federated SOUL; research, which is still in the middle of the work, which will end next summer with the final draft which will include the analysis - as well as the shelving sector, which has already been given a preview of the results - also the other product categories such as lifting and transportation, Powered industrial trucks and mobile cranes.

The White Paper will be honored exhibitors to INTRALOGISTICS ITALY 2018 and sold to other companies interested both by Hannover Fairs International GmbH that AISEM Federated SOUL.

The second edition of INTRALOGISTICS ITALY, the event dedicated to the most innovative solutions and integrated systems for material handling, warehouse management, material storage and picking, will be held from 29 May to 1 June 2018, in 6 and 10 pavilions Milan-Rho Fair.

"The acquisition of exhibitors in full swing with the participation of leading companies, representatives of the Italian and foreign industrial quality," explained Andreas Züge, General Manager Hannover Fairs International, Italian headquarters of Deutsche Messe AG, organizational body of 'event. "The INTRALOGISTICS ITALY team is working closely with member companies to offer a second edition even richer and more attractive for domestic and foreign operators."

The 31 last March, during the event "Lights on the market", organized by INTRALOGISTICS ITALY, was presented a preview of the sector study, and on that occasion we asked some of the event as exhibitors, this research will help them in strategic choices.
"The study is a useful tool to guide the strategies of companies in the sector thanks to the focus on automating their correlation with the racking." Said Roberta Togni, Marketing & Contract Manager Automha. "Never before in recent years it is important to take part in international fairs such as INTRALOGISTICS ITALY, a stage useful to disclose their skills and abilities in the field." He continued Roberta "Automha cooperates with Deutsche Messe - Exhibition in Hanover for many years; This ability to provide global coverage of our services has enabled us to weave a dense network of national and international contacts. "

The survey aims to analyze the industry on the basis of product-market combinations, and through the analysis of enterprise strategy in demand in the reference scenario, the historical trends and forecasts of the major economic data aggregates industry.

"Today in our country there is an economic focus on this area and if they miss. We appreciate therefore that INTRALOGISTICS ITALY has decided to co-fund this research showing attention to the market and reference trend. " He commented Ermanno Rondi, CEO of INCAS. "I think the study on the shelves a point of very useful to understand the market trends start, and look forward to in the coming months of its analysis to the areas of forklifts, cranes lifting furnitures". He continued Rondi. "INTRALOGISTICS ITALY addition to interpret well the needs of this area is a great opportunity for dialogue between the companies."

The White Paper, commissioned from various universities, will be made by a talented Scientific Committee with the participation of: Giuseppe Attanasi University of Strasbourg, Giancarlo Giudici of the Politecnico di Milano, Giacomo Magnani Sacred Heart Catholic University, of Jacopo Mattei ' University of Ferrara-SDA Bocconi, Paolo Galloso and Marcello Chiriaco Office Anima Studies, delegates from AISEM federated Soul, from commercial directors of some companies associated AISEM federated SOUL and Hannover Fairs International GmbH delegates to INTRALOGISTICS ITALY 2018.

The video of the event interviews "Lights on the market" are available at this link

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