MECCANICA BOND 4.0 - The capital to continue to grow

Anima supporta le imprese che investono in ricerca & sviluppo 4.0

Of 4.0 Industry, it speaks very much. It is time to put it into practice better and with determination.

As? Also through the 'Meccanica Bond 4.0' initiative, a system project that will enable companies to get the capital needed to fund medium to long-term investment projects needed to acquire new facilities, research and development, patent investment Or acquire other businesses.

The Politecnico di Milano is the scientific partner of the 'Meccanica Bond 4.0' project, together with Banca Finint - one of the most important financial deals in the Minibond sector: an instrument that offers investors the opportunity to diversify risk and businesses the opportunity To have substantial capital resources available on a medium-long horizon through a system securitization operation.

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