Milan Coffee Festival 2018: first big coffee event

MCF dal 19 al 21 maggio 2018 al BASE di Milano

The "Milano Coffee Festival", promoted by UCIMAC and the Coffee Promotion Consortium, with HostMilano and in collaboration with SCA - Specialty Coffee Association, is organized by the Agenzia Sedicieventi and will be the first major Italian event dedicated to coffee.

From 19 to 21 May 2018 at the BASE of MILAN. The chosen location is the Milan Base, well known in the city as a venue for cultural and innovative events.

The will of the promoters is to create a real festival that speaks to fans and also to the simple curious that I want to deepen and learn more about the world of coffee, developing more and more the culture linked to this beloved drink.

"In Italy often when we refer to the act of consumption of coffee we use the expression 'a coffee', suggesting that one coffee is worth the other, - says Maurizio Giuli, president of UCIMAC - In reality, behind the coffee there is a world able to involve the consumer in a plethora of sensations and to amaze him with fascinating stories and emotions.There is a new way of living and interpreting coffee, which is changing the relationship between consumer and coffee, based on higher quality standards and on a more evolved consumer competence, able to describe the sensorial profile and in some cases to trace the country of origin of the beans.The idea of ​​the Milan Coffee Festival was born by the members Ucimac and the Italian Coffee Consortium to bring this new culture in the squares, close to the consumer and make him live coffee in a particular dimension through an atmosphere of joy and fun ".

An extensive program of activities is planned to tackle the topic from multiple points of view, stories, demonstrations, tastings and workshops, which will give visitors a new and alternative experience.

The first edition of the festival will be held from 19 to 21 May 2018, with free admission and open to all Saturdays and Sundays, while entry will be reserved for operators in the sector on Monday 21 May,
upon registration to the site or directly to the event's accreditation desks.

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