• 16/07/18

    Assothermic study commissioned to Prof. Costanzo Di Perna of the Polytechnic University of Marche on the proposed revision of the obligations set out in the 3 Annex of Legislative Decree 28 / 2011 (coverage of part of the energy needs of buildings from renewable sources).

    Evaluation of a limit consumption parameter of non-renewable energy sources in buildings on the basis of the most widespread plant configurations and considerations on the definition of energy requirements as per the current regulatory framework.

  • 16/07/18
  • 05/04/18

    Il Procollo is a voluntary initiative of the companies associated with Assotermica (and also extended to non-members) for the monitoring of boilers placed on the national market in accordance with the Energy Labeling and Eco-design Regulations (Reg.811 / 2013, 813 / 2013).

    It is proposed to support the sector in a delicate phase of transition towards energy efficient appliances and systems with the aim of:

  • 05/04/18

    After the important September appointment of 2017 in ENEA, Assotermica presents an updated scenario of the hybrid heating appliances market, also supported by the legislative innovations introduced by the 2018 Budget Law.

    During the appointment of 15 March us in MCE 2018 the new Assotermica manual addressed to sector operators was also presented, wanting to learn more about the potential of hybrid systems.

  • 20/10/17

    In order to contribute to the CTI work in preparation for the revision of the "Integration obligation of renewable sources in new buildings and existing buildings undergoing major renovations" provided for in Article 11 of Legislative Decree no.

  • 07/04/16

    Below is the list of the courses organized during the 2015 and 2016

  • Tuesday 12 11,00 May at Milan (Il Circolo della Stampa, Corso Venezia 48) was held a press conference where Assotermica - Federated ANIMA - associations of industry and ANGAISA, ASSISTAL, ENEA and MCE presented the project of training and information in order to accompany insiders entry into force of the Regulations of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling.

  • Assotermica participate in the survey REF-E for monitoring technologies for residential air conditioning in Italy.
    The objective of this work is the creation and consolidation of databases on stocks. The data will be collected and organized with the objective to assess the penetration of air conditioning technologies in the different relevant segments identified based on the type of system (central, central), the age of the buildings, the presence of the gas network, the area climatic and geographical.

  • ASSOTERMICA makes available to all visitors, the results of statistical studies on the market of equipment and components for termici.Studi statistics on gas boilers with atmospheric burners, forced draft burners, boilers for forced draft burners, boilers, bodies steel heating - Heated towel rack, steel radiators - multicolumn, heating elements in steel - plates and strip, die-cast aluminum radiators, cast iron radiators.

  • The study of the Polytechnic It was carried out under a contract awarded by the Assotermica LEAP Laboratory (Energy & Environment Laboratory Piacenza). Its purpose is to evaluate through methods of calculating the behavior of systems of autonomous and centralized heating. In particular, they have been calculated on the performance of different system solutions and the requirement of primary energy to vary the wrap stratigraphy.