• 27/06/19

    UNAC has created a Twitter account to dialogue with all the operators in the sector that operate on automatisms and automatic accesses. The channel is focused precisely on the theme of security and intends to make the whole sector aware of compliance with the rules and of suitable installation and maintenance activities.
    Follow UNAC on Twitter at this link:

  • 21/11/12

    The motorized pedestrian doors must be designed and constructed so that they can be installed, operated, inspected, maintained and dismantled in a safe manner.
    The minimum safety requirements that must be met according to the new EN 16005 are:

  • 12/11/12

    The October 10 2012 CEN has released the EN 16005 safety in use of motorized pedestrian doors.
    This standard defines the minimum safety requirements that must be met by all types of motorized pedestrian doors: sliding, swinging and revolving. They are, however, excluded the doors located on the platforms of subways and railways with trains without operators, the gates of fire compartmentation and special features of the "security" of the doors installed in banks or in restricted areas of airports.

  • 02/10/12

    This past October 10 was made available to all institutions of national standards EN 16005 "Power operated pedestrian doorsets - Safety in use - Requirments and test methods". For the development of EN 16005 important was the role of UNAC who followed directly and actively in the drafting.

  • UNAC gates promotes safe. Companies associated with UNAC has always made safety in automatic gates a topic of fundamental importance, designing and manufacturing products that keep pace, and often later, with the levels of security required by law.