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17/04/2019 From 17 April a new window for research, development and innovation

Today, Wednesday, 17 April is inaugurated the "Innovation Desk" aimed at promoting Research, Development and Innovation services. Members will have the following services:

12/03/2019 Periodic checks on work equipment - update rates

With a note from 4 last March, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies updated the rates for periodic checks on work equipment, based on the index ...

28/08/2018 Nuova Sabatini - 3 Directorial Circulars August 2018 n. 269210

The Directorate General for Business Incentives of the Ministry of Economic Development published the 3 District Circular 2018 n. 269210 'New Sabatini. Changes to ...

02/08/2018 Hyper-depreciation - New circular of the MiSE

The Ministry of Economic Development published, in the last 1 August, the District Circular no. 295485 through which it provides further clarifications concerning the requirement ...

24/05/2018 Hyper-depreciation - The work of the Ministry of Economic Development and of Soul

Following the numerous requests for technical advice on the over-amortization of the 4.0 Business Plan, Anima took on the needs of the industry together with other components of the ...

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