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15/10/18 ANIMA

The mechanical industry continues to run

Beverage industry
09/10/18 ANIMA

Manifesto for competitiveness

The newspaper
09/10/18 soul Security

Security is there, culture is missing

The newspaper
08/10/18 AISEM / SOUL

Investments in Italian logistics are rising: + 14,9% in 2017

08/10/18 Assocold / SOUL

The profession of the frigorist

08/10/18 ANIMA

4.0 and iperammortamento Industry

08/10/18 ANIMA

The dear-crude pushes the orders of mechanics

The Sun 24 hours
02/10/18 ANIMA

The greatest difficulties? Hurry and interconnection node

The Sun 24 hours
13/09/18 ANIMA

MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Positive trend and growing numbers

Electric contact
13/09/18 ANIMA

The mechanical industry continues to run

Food Industries
12/09/18 FIAC / SOUL

Household businesses raise their heads

Giornale di Brescia
11/09/18 Assopompe

A golden age for the hydraulic and hydraulic pumps sector

Il Giornale di Vicenza
20/08/18 ANIMA

The Italian way is part of the industrial chains

Packaging review
20/08/18 Ucif

4.0 industry: enabling technologies

20/08/18 Assotermica

Conformity of boilers, the protocol is underway

GT The Journal of Plumbing
20/08/18 Anasta

Welding and cutting growing in the 2017

20/08/18 Assoclima

To each his own

CDA - air conditioning
20/08/18 ANIMA

Italian mechanics exports 780 millions of euros in Asean countries

subcontracting News
20/08/18 ANIMA

Export to Iran is growing

20/08/18 Ucif

The art of finishing

27/07/18 Assoclima

Alternative fluids: transition time

Giornale di Brescia
26/07/18 Ucomesa

Flexibility, competitive factor

25/07/18 Aquaitalia

How to close the holes of the country that makes water

24/07/18 Assotermica

Fixtures and domotics, the new roofs cut the ecobonus in half

The Sun 24 hours
24/07/18 ANIMA

4.0 industry: we have a goal to reach?

18/07/18 ANIMA

Mechanical industry: grows and accelerates the race in the 2018

18/07/18 ANIMA

Italian mechanics: exports growing towards the USA, Russia, China and Arabia

18/07/18 ANIMA

Russia, Boccia: "Bene Salvini on sanctions but to ratify Canada treaty"

Vista Agency
18/07/18 ANIMA

Boccia on duties and work at the Anima event

18/07/18 ANIMA

Boccia: many companies ready to make a leap in quality

Radiocor The Sun 24 hours

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