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05/04/19 Assofoodtec slicers

Ferlito president of slicer manufacturers

La Sentinella del Canavese
24/05/18 AISEM

Intralogistics Italy 2018

14/06/18 AISEM

Intralogistics: Italy everything is ready

RIS Magazine Italian Lifting
12/06/18 AISEM

Increasingly energy efficiency also for logistics

Tce magazine
01/06/18 AISEM

Great wait for Intralogistica Italia 2018

Italian trade
22/06/18 AISEM

The North-West is the beating heart of logistics

Giornale di Brescia
10/03/18 AISEM

Intralogistica Italia: a showcase of excellence

29/03/18 AISEM

A sector that creates value

17/04/18 AISEM

The innovation Alliance

food industries
27/04/18 AISEM

Aisem and Intralogistica Italia: 4 days of appointments

Automation plus
01/04/19 AISEM

Hyper-amortization for automated warehouses for small and medium-sized businesses

02/04/19 AISEM

The Logistics White Paper - 2018 data and the 2019 trend

Mechanics and Automation
08/04/19 AISEM

Simplification Decree: because self-supporting shelving is hyper-depreciable

News logistics
12/04/19 AISEM

Intralogistics Italy: appointment at the 2021

Journal of Logistics
12/04/19 AISEM

Modulblok in the field for self-supporting warehouses
12/04/19 AISEM

Modulblok and Anima together in the battle to make self-supporting shelving hyper-cushionable
23/04/19 AISEM

How much savings with lithium ion batteries? Great success for the event organized by Logistica

News logistics
14/05/19 AISEM

Lights focused on Internal Logistics

RIS Magazine Italian Lifting
15/05/19 AISEM

Brescia deals with the markets to confirm its leading role

Brescia Today
17/05/19 AISEM

Data and forecasts for the 2019

M & A Mechanical and Automation
30/05/19 AISEM

Intralogistica Fair Italy and Aisem renew the partnership

Journal of Logistics
17/06/19 AISEM

Positive data and systems and technology growth

Il Giornale di Vicenza
21/06/19 AISEM

Logistics is a rapidly growing sector

Giornale di Brescia
28/06/19 AISEM

Forklifts important numbers

Giornale di Brescia
03/08/19 AISEM

Material handling in the 4.0 industry

M & A
27/07/19 AISEM

Logistics and handling: a growing sector

24/05/18 AISEM / SOUL

Logistics in 4.0 key to Intralogistica Italia 2018

Italia 4.0
08/10/18 AISEM / SOUL

Investments in Italian logistics are rising: + 14,9% in 2017

17/10/18 AISEM / SOUL

Aisem clarifies the ropes

Rspp Italy
17/10/18 AISEM / SOUL

Aisem clarifies the ropes


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